About me

I have already done the basic work of studying composition, color theory, studium and punctum, stops and all the other technicalities that go into taking a photos. What remains after that is to concentrate on capturing happy moments in the best possible way.

My goal as a photographer for every wedding is to capture all the big and small moments that happen. A special look to a partner, a special smile, a hand that touches or two persons laughing happily together is what I'm looking for when photographing.

Whether your wedding is a large church wedding with hundreds of guests or a small elopement wedding, the goal is the same for me in the hundreds of weddings I photograph every year: To capture your happiness.

I want to create photos that you can look back at and think: We were so happy that day and Ærø was such a beautiful place to get married in.

My photos are bright, have natural colours, and are positive and filled with genuine moments that you can reflect back on and remember.

So I have written this entire “About Me” section without actually writing about myself, because its not really about me. What I eat for breakfast, if I watch television, my likes and dislikes and what brand of clothes I prefer is not important. It's about your wedding and your photo memories.